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Blockchain Powered Solutions Solving Today's Complex Problems.

Jackal Labs builds disruptive products and protocols.

Why you're here.

Innovation is hard.

To defend your organization. 

Access to category-leading blockchain technology.

Why we exist.

We defend your organization through innovation.

We help you understand the complexities of the digital world.

We build disruptive products and protocols.

What we offer.


Jackal Protocol

Blockchain and distributed storage network.


Recover is a digital asset capture and custodian tool for Law Enforcement. 


An API to easily access decentralized data storage.

Data Vault

Ridiculously secure data storage for enterprise.


Blockchain and source of truth for supply chain documents.

Advanced Operations

Innovation Consulting

Understand next-generation technology such as blockchain or AI and its impact on your business.

Bespoke Blockchains

Application-specific blockchains and smart contracts to solve complex problems.

Tokenization Operations

Future-proof security, transparency, efficiency, compliance, track and trace, inventory management, or quality assurance.

Who we are.

We are Jackal Labs.

Our founding team spent years helping law firms, corporations, and governments with cyber security, digital investigations, and forensics.

Unfortunately, over and over again, we saw organizations and individuals targeted from the digital attack surface.

With next-generation encryption, ledger technology, and infrastructure, it is possible to create breakthrough products and protocols to protect people.

That is why we have spent the last two years building Jackal Labs.

Before building Jackal Labs to protect people like you, we were working to protect people like this:

Start today.


1100-343 Preston Street, K1S 1N4​



2689-161 Bay Street, M5J 2S1​


1301-1959 Upper Water Street, B3J 3N2

Our team will reach out soon.

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